The information contained in this section has been provided  by  the national authority in June 2019. We invite you to contact your national contact point to check whether this information is the latest version available. 

National Contact Point

29 Vironos avenue, 1096 Nicosia, Cyprus

Ms. Marilena Ayiomamitou
Tel: + 357 22 602 906

National Approbation of FLC

Corner Michael Karaoli & Grigori Afxentiou, 1441 Nicosia, Cyprus

Ms Maria Papiri
Tel: + 357 22 602 322

Ms. Christina Iacovou
Tel: + 357 22 602 434


Cyprus has opted for a decentralised system, where FLCs are proposed by project partners and approved by an approbation by the Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development. This body is responsible for the FLC system.

Control costs

Controls are carried out free of charge for the partners.

On-the-spot verifications conducted by FLCS

On-the-spot checks are mandatory in Cyprus at least once during the project lifetime, during its implementation and /or on completion.

Other checks performed by the national authority

 Quality and on the spot, checks are conducted annually by the Competent Authority of Controllers’ Certification. The Competent Authority may review again the methodology used of selecting of the controllers.  This is revised according to the findings in the quality checks and either update the sample to be reviewed or adjust the frequency of the quality checks.

The risk factors taken into account in determining the sample of controllers to be audited are as follows:

  • The Controller’s experience in other Cross-Border Cooperation Programs.
  • Findings / Conclusions from previous on- the – spot and administrative verifications of the Competent Authority and any other audits of other control bodies.
  • The general level of organization (size and qualifications of the project team, if any, sufficient audit trail and the verification working file as well as documentation of the work of controller and the number of projects he/she verifies.  We take into account anything that seems suspicious or if there is suspicion that the Controller’s work was unsatisfactory or in bad quality.
Daily allowances

Daily allowances concerning travel and accommodation are applicable in Cyprus, depending of the Country/City of travelling. They are applicable for public and private partners.

National rules applicable

Public procurement

National rules for Public Procurement are harmonised with the EU rules. Additionally, certificates of compatibility have to be secured from the Competent Authority where required or self-assessment check lists have to be completed.

In the national rules for Public Procurement the private sector is not included in the Competent Authorities that are obliged to follow Public Procurement. However private partners that implement projects co-financed by Interreg MED are obligated to follow a simplified version of the Public Procurement rules, respecting thresholds and tendering methods as explained in a Guidance Note prepared by DG EPCD.