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Do I have to fill in and upload a De Minimis declaration for ALL the partners ?

The De Minimis declaration is only for the partners whose activities within the project are State Aid relevant and that are willing to apply to the De Minimis Regulation. This information should be included in the partner declaration as well.

Please refer to Factsheet of the Programme Manual “State aid”.

Category : Compulsory annexes to upload (application phase)

Is there a limited price to be considered when booking a hotel room?

The thresholds for daily allowances and per diem are established at national level by national authorities in charge of the implementation of the Interreg MED Programme. For further details, kindly check the information included in the national page of the Programme site web. 

When there are no national regulations for daily allowances, partners should refer to the European Commission Regulation of 07.07.2016 concerning the mission allowance of officials and other servants of the European Union in the Member States that updates the Regulation 337/2007.

Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

What difficulties may I encounter in complying with the publicity and information rules?

All promotion material and goodies must comply with EU and Programme publicity and information rules. All those rules are available in the Programme Manual.  

If your device is too small to include all the branding elements, you can find new possibilities not only to respect publicity and information rules but to enhance the communication of your project. For example, USB stick have two sides, you can include in one side the logo of the project and on the other side, the ERDF reference: “Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund”. 

If you foresee to include the partners’ logo, kindly remember that it should have the same size as the project logo.

In the case of equipment and SSI that are not made to be moved it is important to include labels to respect the publicity and information rules. It is not necessary to include plaques unless the investment is over EUR 500.000, however it can be an interesting mechanism to ensure visibility of the project and allow others to know what the partner is developing. 

Category : Programme Project communication

What should I consider when producing promotion material?

Before starting to produce promotion material kindly note that goodies should be produced only if they meet strategic objectives and are linked to a promotion strategy. Here are some questions to be answered before deciding to produce goodies:

• Is it relevant for the promotion of my project?

• Is it useful, creative and memorable enough?

• Is it green?

Even if goodies are foreseen in the Application Form, please assess whether they are necessary in the project before producing them. It is strongly recommended to produce green goodies having in mind “the fewer the better”.

Category : Programme Project communication

During the Covid-19 sanitary crisis, will the JS continue working?

The JS team will continue working normally. The whole team remains operational and can be contacted by e-mail and telephone as usual.

Besides, the Certifying Authority also continues to make payments to beneficiaries on a regular basis, depending on the availability of funds provided by the Commission. 

Category : Programme COVID-19

During the Covid-19 outbreak, I cannot sign the payment claim and/or send it to the JS?

During the Covid-19 outbreak, payment claims will be accepted not signed, accompanied by an email of the signatory or by the project coordinator. The email is to be uploaded in Synergie CTE, in place of signed payment claim. 

Due to the fact that the JS cannot access to the post mail due to the lockout, LP are invited not to send original signed payment claims until the restrictions are removed.  

The sending of the signed payment claim as well as the uploading of the signed claim, if they could not be done during the lockdown, must be done as soon as possible.  

Kindly inform your project officer of these situations in order to speed up the treatment of your payment claim.

As of 24th September 2020, payment and IPA advance claims have to be signed and uploaded in Synergie. This upload should be notified by email to your project officer. While the JS does not need to receive the original document anymore by regular post, the Lead Partner has to keep it for record. 

Category : Programme COVID-19

In reference to staff costs, how can we switch from method C to method B ?

As of 15 April 2020 it is possible to switch from Method C – yearly hourly rate based in 1.720 hours – to Method B – fixed monthly % –. Experience has proven that Method B is in fact simpler and safer.

Partners participating in on-going projects wishing to take advantage of this possibility should follow the following steps to properly trace this change: 

1. Verify the involvement period (starting and ending date) declared in the list of staff, related to all involved staff members, is coherent with the reality and the project implementation dates. If not, update such list.  

2. Update the Job Description Declaration (Programme template), specifying the date of the date of entrance into force of the update. This date shall be the starting date of the implementation period from which the change is to take effect. 

3. Print, sign and stamp (if needed) the Job Description Declaration and send a scanned copy to your LP so it could be uploaded into the web platform.

4. LP gather all information of partners and reports it to the JS in the next payment claim, for information. 

5. Keep the new version of the Job Description Declaration in the project folder (Audit trail). 

As a general principle, this change can be made at the end of any implementation period and would regard expenditure for periods in which staff costs of the related person have not been certified. 

If expenditure has not been declared in previous periods, even if these periods have taken place before the approval of the update of the Manual, they could be declared with the change of method.  

To facilitate the use of templates provided by the Programme, it will not be necessary to print the declaration in an official letterhead of the partner organisation, provided that it’s officially ensured for example by a stamp of the partner structure. A similar footnote will be included in the Declaration template. 

It's not possible to:

- recalculate expenditure already declared using the Method C,

- correct or offset costs partly (or wrongly) declared under method C by using method B (any retroactvie correction should be calculated using the original calculation method) . 

Category : Programme Staff costs (implementation phase)

How should we handle a modification of banking information?

If during the project implementation, the current account number should change, the new banking account reference must be entered in Synergie CTE in the appropriate section but without deleting the outdated banking information. However, before doing so, you should make sure you are not currently receiving any reimbursement.

In any case, you should first inform, through email, your project officer and add programme_med@maregionsud.fr in copy.

Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

Due to the Covid-19 prevention measures, my project needs to be adapted or modified. Is that possible?

In case you consider that your project needs a modification due to the Covid-19 outbreak you can talk to your project officer at the JS in order to adapt you project to the real situation. In most of the cases those modifications may not request a modification of the Application Form. But, if needed, the Interreg MED Monitoring Committee has approved flexibility measures you can benefit from.

Should you have any doubt about how to adapt your work plan to the current situation or to proceed with an adaptation of your project, you are warmly invited to contact your project officer.

In any case, LP must agree with their partnership of any adaptation or modification decided with the JS.

Finally, if the modification requires the signing of an amendment to the Subsidy Contract, it will be possible to wait until the end of the crisis situation before signing this document. Until then, the written confirmation of the JS will be sufficient to confirm the approval of the modification.



Category : Programme COVID-19

During the Covid-19 outbreak, some of the staff is on “stand by”, can I claim those costs?

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, some institutions have decided to put their staff on “stand by”. This is the staff not working but waiting that the situation calms down to start working again. In this situation, salary and social taxes are no longer paid by the institution but by the State/Social Security/Unemployment services depending on the national/regional mechanisms put in place in each country. 

Since only the costs directly borne by the employer (partner) and not recoverable by any other means can be claimed under the Programme, and usually the compensation is not paid/borne by the employer (partner), no expenditure should be claimed.  

Should you have any further question about this issue, kindly contact your National Authority. 



Category : Programme COVID-19