Partners from IPA countries may request an advance payment representing 10% of their IPA budget during the project starting phase. Within which period will those who apply receive the advance payment?  

Once the Subsidy Contract is signed between the Lead Partner and the Managing Authority, each IPA partner can request an advance payment. The partner must validate the request in Synergie CTE and send it signed to the Joint Secretariat at Marseille (France).

Once validated, it will be sent to the Certifying Authority for payment. The payment will depend on the availability of funds.



Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

Is a partner institution or organization obliged to open a single banking account or a subaccount for the project?

Following the European Commission recommendations on transparency (Single bank account principle (EC) No 1260/1999), combating fraud and money laundering, the single bank account principle applies. In other words, all reimbursements linked to Interreg MED projects must be made to a single bank account, even if a partner is involved in several projects.

In this respect, in the case of participation in several projects, regardless of the call, special attention should be paid so that only one bank account is declared in Synergie CTE.



Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

How you should we handle a modification of banking information?

If during the project implementation, the current account number should change, the new banking account reference must be entered in Synergie CTE in the appropriate section but without deleting the outdated banking information. However, before doing so, you should make sure you are not currently receiving any reimbursement.

In any case, you should first inform, through email, your project officer and add programme_med@maregionsud.fr in copy.

Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

For travel and accommodation costs taking place outside the MED area is it possible to get approval from JS afterwards, when costs have already been made?

Approval from JS for travel outside MED area must be received before realisation of that travel. 



Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

The Programme manual indicates that "if the 10% budget flexibility is used, a dedicated excel file should be provided to the JS". What do these 10% correspond to? Could they be linked to the 20% flexibility rule ?

You have an additional 10% flexibility on your budget that can be applied at the final stage of the project, i.e. when you submit your final payment claim. This means that you have this final 10% flexibility (between WPs and between budget lines), on top of the 20% that you can use throughout the project. So basically, an overall 30% of reallocation allowed at the end of the project.



Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

A project partner has spent more than its total budget, is it possible to enter the additional expenditures in Synergie CTE and include them in the FLC certificate?

No, even if the partner has spent more than its original budget, Synergie CTE will allow to enter expenditures only up to the partner’s total budget. Additional expenditures cannot be certified nor reimbursed.



Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

Can the additional flexibility of 10% be applied at project level, e.g. for partners that overspent to claim budget of partners that underspent?

No, the additional 10% flexibility refers to the partner’s level, so it cannot be used to transfer budget among partners. A budget transfer among partners is a major project modification and should be approved by the Programme’s Steering Committee.



Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

Which is the deadline to apply for a budget major modification before the project’s official end date?

There is no fixed deadline to propose a budget’s major modification before project closure. The only condition is that the updated version of the application form and, if relevant, the amendment to the subsidy contract should be signed before the project’s official end date.

Please consider that the modification procedure can include the need of the validation of the Programme's Steering committee.  Therefore, it is recommended to get in touch with your project officer in due course to evaluate the time needed for the procedure and agree on a deadline.

Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

What happens if I do not manage to spend the budgetary allocation according to the stipulated timeframes?

Every endeavour should be made to keep within the timeframes agreed upon project award.  If these are not met, part of the grant may be revoked due to the decommitment rule.



Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

How should I declare net revenues during project implementation?

Expected net revenues, generated during the project implementation and after completion, are to be indicated in the budget of the Application Form in order to offset the corresponding Union contribution.

In the case of net revenues not foreseen in the Application Form, those have to be reported by concerned partners in each reporting period and checked by the FLC, to be included in a project payment claim submitted to the JS.

For further information regarding net revenues, please consult the dedicated Factsheet in the Programme Manual.

Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)