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What is the procedure to include associated partners after the start of the project, this is during its implementation? 

To include new associate partners during the implementation of a project, the Lead Partners should  communicate this information to the JS, through the PO in charge of following its project, accompanied by the Associated Partner Declaration signed by the new associated partner.
The modification in Synergie CTE will be carried out taking advantage of any other major modification of the application form.



Category : Programme Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

Is it possible to revise the Partnership between the pre-application phase and the full application phase? 

As a general rule, it is. However, kindly note that the specificities on the changes can be adapted for each call. It is therefore recommended to read carefully the Terms of Reference of each call.



Category : Programme Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

Is there an eligibility criterion for private partners and international organisations specifying they have to be operational for at least 2 years?

Based on the Factsheet of the Programme Manual “Partnership architecture, requirements and relevance”, the Programme has not set any eligibility criterion regarding the number of years an entity has to be operational prior to its participation in a proposal.

Partnership architecture, requirements and relevance

Category : Programme Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

Can “International Organisation (IO) under international law” integrate the partnership of MED projects ?

International organisations acting under international law are only eligible as partners and they cannot act as Lead Partners.

They can participate in projects only upon their explicit acceptance of all requirements deriving from the Treaty for the Functioning of the European Union and the regulations applicable in the framework of the Interreg MED Programme, including – but not limited to – the following:

  •  Adherence to applicable community policies, including the respect of rules on public procurement;
  • Acceptance of the national control requirements set in the framework of the Interreg MED Programme by the Member State in which the organisation acting as partner is located;
  • Acceptance of controls and audits by all those bodies entitled to carry out such controls in the framework of the Interreg MED Programme, including the Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat, the Audit Authority and the European Court of Auditors as well as the relevant national authorities of the Member State in which the international organisation acting as project partner is located. Storage of all documents required for these controls must allow performing them in the geographical area covered by the Interreg MED Programme;
  • Final financial liability for all sums wrongly paid out.
  • A project proposal involving international organisations acting under international law in the partnership must include an ad hoc declaration to be provided and signed by these institutions. For reasons of legal security, additional legal information may be requested to these institutions prior to granting the fund.

The non-compliance with these requirements could lead to the exclusion of such partners

Partnership architecture requirements and relevance

Category : Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

Which are the available methods of searching for suitable project partners?

The available partner search methods are the following:

  • register to the programme website, section Platform Workspaces (https://interreg-med.eu/account-section/register/), which serves as the programme forum where you can search for potential partners and initiate discussions on different programme-related questions. The platform is administered by the Joint Secretariat.
  • in the project database (https://interreg-med.eu/projects-results/our-projects/) you can find projects already funded in your desired priority axis and identify potentially interesting project partners. On the outlined link, in the upper right corner, you can also download an Excel table with a list of existing project partners.
  • you can contact your National Contact Point (https://interreg-med.eu/about-us/national-information/) with an outline of your potential project and desirable partner information, as they are able to facilitate the project search in cooperation with other National Contact Points.



Category : Programme Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

Can a private institution be the Lead Partner of a project proposal?

No, it cannot. As a general rule, the Lead Partner is a public body or a body governed by public law according to the definition of the Directive 2014/24/EU. The Lead Partner must be physically based in the EU part of the Interreg MED Programme area. More restricted criteria may be included in the Terms of Reference of each call.
Private institutions, international organisations acting under international law and IPA partners cannot act as Lead Partners.  



Category : Programme Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

Is there a limitation to the participation of the same partner in several projects with the same objective, at a lead and partner level?

From a purely formal point of view, there is no limitation. The partnership of each project as well as the multi-participation of certain actors/partners is an assessment parameter and will therefore be formally assess, also in terms of possible risks during the verification of the partners, in the final phase of the assessment.



Category : Programme Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

How do I link a deliverable to an activity?

To link the deliverable to an activity, you should enter information via – enter main elements – work plan – update activity – add a deliverable – and then add the number of deliverables per year

Deliverables should not be created via the section – enter main elements – deliverables tab.

Category : Activities and work plan (application phase)

Could a partner be a Lead Partner in two applications in different axes ?

There is no limit to the number of applications in which an institution can participate (as a partner or lead partner). However, institutions have to demonstrate the technical and administrative capacity to develop the activities in which they engage. This capacity will be analysed during the evaluation of proposals.

Category : Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

Can a person other than the legal representative sign a declaration (vice-president, head of department …) ?

The Application Form confirmation page should be signed by the legal representative of the Lead Partner’s organisation. Still, if the legal representative’s substitute has a legal ability to sign the official documents, then it can be done by the substitute. In this case, you should provide us an official letter confirming that the substitute is empowered to sign the official documents.

Category : Compulsory annexes to upload (application phase)