An observatory is a system following the evolution of a theme.

Open data

Open data refers to the idea that certain data should be freely available for use and re-use. In particular, focusing on generating value through re-use of a specific type of data – all the information that public bodies produce, collect or pay for. Intelligent processing of data is essential for addressing societal challenges (for example, to enhance the sustainability of national health care systems) or tackling environmental challenges, to cite only two aspects.


operational partner

An operational partner is a partner that has a role moslty focused on the implementation of policies.

Tags : Scientific partner, institutional partner

Organisational innovation

This involves introducing a new organisational method in a firm's business practices, workplace organisation or external relations.

Tags : Product innovation, Process innovation, Marketing innovation

Output indicator

Programme output indicators relate to activity. They are measured in physical or monetary units
(eg : number of firms supported, number of action plans elaborated, etc.)

Tags : Result indicator, Project output