Target group

The target groups concern individuals and/or organisations directly positively affected by the activities and results of operations. Not necessarily receiving a financial grant (as opposed to a beneficiary), but directly involved in the operation (as opposed to an end-user), the target groups may exploit project outcomes for their own benefits.

Tags : Beneficiary, End-user

Target value

A quantified objective expressed as a value to be reached by an indicator (output or result indicator), within a given time frame.

Tags : Baseline, Output indicator, Result indicator

Terms of reference

A document providing the framework and guidelines related to a specific call for proposals.

Testing and capitalising project (M2+M3)

This type of project has the objective to test, at a wider level, instruments, policies, strategies, joint plans that have been already identified by previous initiatives (not necessarily arisen in the framework of the Interreg MED Programme) through pilot activities, ensuring the transferability of applied solutions in the territories concerned by the project (M2) and to capitalise results obtained during the first phase of the project (M2) with other projects results and experiences directly contributing to the project objectives (M3).

Tags : Multi-module project, Testing project (Module 2), Capitalising project (Module 3)

Testing project (Module 2)

This type of project has the objective to test instruments, policies, strategies, joint plans already identified by previous projects (not necessarily arisen by the MED experience) through pilot activities, in the perspective of setting up solutions applicable to a wider set of users and terri-tories.

Tags : Module, Single-module project, Modular project

Thematic equipment

Its an equipment directly linked to (or forming part of) the project thematic activities.


A tool is to be understood as a mean for accomplishing a specific task or purpose. Tools should be jointly developed at transnational level and innovative. They comprise amongst others analytical tools, management tools, technical tools, software tools, monitoring tools, planning tools, decision support tools, evaluation tools etc. To be effective, a tool must be tailored to user needs and the respective framework conditions and has to be comprehensive and durable. This type of output or deliverable relates either to the joint development of new or further improvement and/or adaptation of existing durable tools as well as their subsequent operational implementation.

Top-down approach

A "top-down" approach is one where an executive, decision maker, or other person or body makes a decision. This approach is disseminated under their authority to lower levels in the hierarchy, who are, to a greater or lesser extent, bound by them.

Tags : Bottom-up approach

Total budget

The total budget of a project established based on the costs planned by all project partners in the application form.

Tags : Total eligible budget

Total eligible budget

Total budget of a project subject to programme co-financing. In the application form, it is calculated based on the total budget, excluding the potential net revenue of the project.

Tags : Total budget

Total eligible expenditure

All expenditure that is compliant with EU, Interreg MED Programme and national rules, and thus is eligible for co-financing from the Interreg MED Programme. The total eligible expenditure is calculated based on the total expenditure, excluding net revenue generated by the project.

Tags : Total expenditure

Total expenditure

All expenditure incurred and paid (or calculated based on simplified cost options) by project partners in relation to implementation of the project activities.

Tags : Total eligible expenditure


It is to be understood as providing persons with the understanding, knowledge, skills, competences and access to information required in particular occupations. Training may encompass any kind of education (general, specialised or vocational, formal or non-formal, etc.). Training measures should be jointly developed at transnational level and tailored according to the needs of the specific territories, target groups and stakeholders addressed by the operation.

Tags : Capacity building

Training session

A training session implies an pedagogic way of transferring knowledge to a targeted public (learning benefit should be assessed).

Tags : Deliverable, Capacity building


All used protocols and results must be transferable to the MED area and therefore, the actions must be reusable and/or adaptable. The partnership must ensure that the following criteria are met :

  • comparability of data and information
  • reliability of data and information
  • strength of methodology and protocols used
  • relevance of format
  • clear definition of target
  • ...

Transnational cooperation

Collaboration between functional areas. It promotes cooperation among greater European regions, including the ones surrounding sea basins or mountain ranges, and facilitates coordinated strategic responses to joint challenges conducive to integrated territorial development.


Tags : Crossborder cooperation, Interregional cooperation, Interreg


All actions must be transnational. It implies that approach is shared by the partnership, that actions are complementary within the partnership and that the results of the actions will benefit the whole partnership. Therefore, the actions must meet criteria such as :

  • sharing common methodology for performing actions of the same type between partners
  • ensuring complementarity of work
  • ensuring comparability of data and information to permit a transnational synthesis and use of results