Unfolding a strong narrative for policy change

24th October 2019 - Athens


Since 2014, Interreg MED has been continuously working to trigger real policy change in the territories. It is to this end that the Programme designed an innovative approach never implemented so far in Interreg.

This approach coordinated by a specific type of projects, the Horizontal projects, integrates capitalisation from the start and at all levels of the Programme and of the projects. It is at the core of everything we and they undertake. 

MED for YOU will premiere the first evidence of this successful approach unfolded before your eyes. We will reveal how this unique architecture has taken shape and produced concrete results little by little thus demonstrating its added value. You will discover how some stakeholders seized these results, made them theirs and integrated them in their policies, strategies, etc. But also how some others - maybe you? - could get involved and adopt them.

The results will be presented around 2 questions directly linked to hot topics on the European Commission agenda but also to the objectives of the European cohesion policy: 

  • How to survive climate change, the Mediterranean way?
  • Which drivers for a sustainable and inclusive growth?

After the first act, you will get a chance to meet the “actors” during the intermission, get behind the scenes, experience live demonstrations, enjoy a photo exhibitions of our rising stars and sample tasty food. 

We will dedicate the second act of this event to a debate on post 2020 and the added value of European territorial cooperation in the Mediterranean. In light of the current and future landscape of the Mediterranean cooperation, we will raise the question of the Interreg MED Programme positioning.

Book your seat and join us to write together the sequel of the Interreg MED story! 
Act 1

What's unique in the cooperation approach of the 2014-2020 Interreg MED?

behind-the-scenes (AGORA)

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