Key Programme events

Since 2014, the Interreg MED Programme has been organising several important events, discover them below. 




Heading towards a greener Mediterranean

The Interreg Euro-MED Programme has officially been launched on 2nd December 2021 in Lisbon ! The opening of this new adventure has taken the present and online participants through the framework and approach of the new Programme, as well as future call for proposals.  






2020 - GOVForMED

Past, Present and Future of the Interreg MED Programme and governance in the Mediterranean - ONLINE CONFERENCE

On 6th November 2020, we brainstormed on the future of European territorial cooperation in order to better coordinate and strengthen the governance actions in the Mediterranean, something that the "PANORAMED" governance platform is already contributing to.


24/10/2019 - MED for YOU - Unfolding a strong narrative for policy change

MED for YOU premiered the first evidence of the Programme successful cooperation approach. We revealed how Interreg MED unique architecture has taken shape and produced concrete results little by little thus demonstrating its added value. Several stakeholders explained how they seized these results, made them theirs and integrated them in their policies, strategies, etc.

2019 - MADE in MED in the Balkans

There is more to the Mediterranean European sea basin than just the shores of Spain, France, Italy and Greece, or of the Adriatic coast. Half of the Interreg MED projects have partners from Balkan countries, also known as “IPA countries”, giving their contribution to policy-change as much as partners coming from the Union countries. On 13th June 2019, in Sarajevo, an event was held to show the project achievements in the Balkan countries.






2018 - MADE in MED - Crafting the future Mediterranean

Held in April 2018 in Rome, Italy, the mid-term event of the Interreg MED Programme was the occasion to report on the first results of our projects through a conference and an exhibition.

To this end, our thematic communities were asked to work together around 3 themes: climate change, blue economy and inclusive growth.

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2017 - WE ARE MED

In May 2017, all our projects were invited to our Community Building event, We Are MED, in Alicante, Spain.

It was a special time for our thematic communities, which got to interact together, learn about each other, and have fun around activites designed to break the ice.

Finishing on a world café meant to highlight synergies among communities, this event has been a first step in establishing a lasting working relationship between our horizontal projects.

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2015 - KICK-OFF

On June 2015, the Interreg MED Programme organised a large-scale event to launch its 2014-2020 programming period in Marseilles, France. 

More than 700 people attended, to learn about the new Interreg MED and its innovative, one of a kind project architecture. 

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