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Concerning the compulsory annexes to add in Synergie, the legal representative of the Partner has changed since the filling of the Application form, could the substitute sign instead of the legal representative announced in the Application form?

Signatures should match between what has been indicated in the application form (name of the legal representative) and the signatory of the co-financing declaration.

If this is not possible, the signature of the substitute has to be done “on behalf” or by delegation. And the delegation has to be uploaded on the system. Moreover, the national co-financing amount included in this declaration must correspond to the information stated in the Application Form validated. 

Category : Programme Compulsory annexes to upload (application phase)

When I enter contact information of a partner, an error message appears - the e-mail already exists in the system -.

Sometimes when, by mistake, two ASP codes have been created in Synergie for the same organisation, it creates issues because of duplication. Indeed, a contact is necessarily linked to an email address.

If this email address is already used under one ASP code, it cannot be used again under another one. In this case, please contact the Joint Secretariat at programme_med@remove-this.maregionsud.fr for us to fix the issue.

Category : Synergie CTE access

Which is the last deadline to apply for project extension before the project’s official end date?

A project extension shall be requested at least 3 months prior to the original project ending date.



Category : Programme Closure phase

In the Programme manual we can read: « a final budget adjustment based on the real consumption of the project is possible » what does it mean?

At the moment of project closure, an additional 10% flexibility can be applied to the partners’ budget. This final 10% flexibility is calculated in the same way as the 20% flexibility that can be used throughout project’s implementation, i.e. in relation to the total partner’s budget which can never be exceeded. Basically:

  • For partners that have not performed budget modifications exceeding the 20% flexibility, the final budget adjustment is to be added to the 20% flexibility (a total of 30%)
  • For Partners that have performed a budget modification exceeding the 20% flexibility, only the additional flexibility of 10% applies

Project partners can use the budget reallocation file to verify if the flexibility is respected. The compliance with the flexibility rule will be checked during the verification of the payment claim and progress report. If relevant, the JS will ask the partner to fill out a dedicated Excel file.



Category : Programme Closure phase

A project partner has paid the final FLC Control invoice after the two months following the project’s end date. Is there any possibility to have the cost approved and included in the final certificate?

No, as stated in the Programme manual, all expenditures paid out after the two months delay will be considered ineligible and will be rejected. No exception is possible. Project partners should make sure that the final FLC invoice is paid within the eligibility period in order to be reimbursed.



Category : Programme Closure phase

What is the rule about the eligibility of expenditures related to project closure?

The eligibility rules related to project closure are:

  • All expenditures linked to project implementation should be incurred and invoiced before the official project’s ending date. Expenditures can be paid out within two months after the project end at the latest.
  • Expenditures linked to project closure (e.g. staff costs for drafting the final report, preparing the payment claim, costs of the FLC for the final certificate) can incur, be invoiced and paid out during the two months after project’s end.
  • All expenditures paid out after the two months delay will be considered ineligible and be rejected.




Category : Programme Closure phase

At the moment of project closure, only a final progress report should be submitted?

For the project closure a Project Progress Report related to the last implementation period plus the Project Final Report should be submitted within 3 months after the project end date, together with the final payment claim.



Category : Programme Closure phase

Can I declare as equipment the maintenance service of the equipment? And office supplies for an event? And a phone?

Maintenance and repairs of equipment is needed for the project provided the equipment links to content activities of the project. When the office equipment is used by the beneficiary for the project administrative purposes, the cost falls under Office and administration (g. maintenance, cleaning, repairs).
Concerning office supplies, no matter what use is made of them, their cost fall under Office and administration (g. maintenance, cleaning, repairs). So, it cannot be reported under equipment budget line, unless they are used for communication and publicity purposes.

If mobile phones are used for administrative purposes of the project, the cost fall under Office and administration (j. communication), when the phone forms part of the subscription cost, i.e. the mobile phone and subscription fee are billed together, and the subscription is considered the main cost.



Category : Programme Equipment purchase (implementation phase)

How should we handle the audit trail when the equipment is installed out of range of the controllers (e.g. underwater)?

If the equipment is installed outside the range of the FLC, the partner must keep written documentation regarding the installation of the equipment as well as proof of its operation (e.g. if the equipment consists of installing underwater measuring sensors, the FLC must verify that a plaque is visible  in the partner overwater offices or, if possible, close to the place but overwater, in any case a "location readily visible to the public" and that measurements sent by these sensors are received in accordance with the described technical specifications).



Category : Programme Equipment purchase (implementation phase)

Why is it recommended to keep photos of the equipment, and especially of the branding?

A characteristic of the equipment audit trail is that pictures of this type of material should be kept. The existence of photos allows the verification of the existence of the equipment and the respect of the EU and the programme branding rules, in the case of desk-based verifications.

In addition to the photos, the FLC should check it on the spot depending of the category on equipment:

  • General (office) use: not necessary
  • Thematic equipment: if it exceeds EUR 2.000 per item
  • SSI: always (at least once in the life of the project)



Category : Programme Equipment purchase (implementation phase)