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The Programme deliverable library collects the main products developed by our projects such as methodologies, studies, guidelines, online tools, strategies, training materials and much more.

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Learn about the solutions designed by our projects, their activities, their results and achievements but also their difficulties. Each month, we publish articles about a project and its community ("focus", "in the spotlighlt").

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Focus on... Urban Transports

Deliverable of the month

Implemented and tested by the Urban Transport Community, this catalogue will surprise you with the most replicable and strategic tools identified to support the development of sustainable urban mobility solutions. From data for smart traffic management to soft mobility, have a look at the article below, perhaps you might find what you are looking for! Click here to know more about the Urban Transport community!

Video of the month

This 5 mins engaging video will guide you through a journey where the future of mobility is electric! Click play to hear about how the automotive sector can contribute to the fight of climate change while reducing the pollution.


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