European Week of Regions and Cities 2018

Interreg MED participation at #EURegionsWeek: a success made of good cooperation projects

During 4 days, the 2018 #EURegionsWeek edition in the Square Convention Centre, in Brussels, received more than 6,000 participants, including EU officials, national and regional organisms and many other relevant participants. A guaranteed and impactful success: in the opening session, and just right after, in the opening event, alone, 1200 participants were already in place. 

This years’ edition of #EURegionsWeek, formerly known as “open Days”, ended up in a deserved success for Interreg MED programme, thanks to the participation of Bluemed (Sustainable Tourism) and Locations (Urban Transports) projects. Bluemed alone took home two prizes, earned in the Interact’s “Project Slam” session: the social media prize, catching the highest number of likes among all six finalists, and 3rd place prize. Locations did also an excellent presentation with a live sand design performance. 

In addition to the participation in the project Slam, our Programme, jointly with North Sea, Baltic Sea and Balkan-MED, coordinated the stand #MadeWithInterreg at the exhibition, on behalf of nine Interreg TNC programmes: Danube, Central Europe, ADRION, Alpine Space, Balkan-MED, Atlantic Area, Northern Periphery and the Arctic, SUDOE and Northwest Europe.

Being placed at the entrance of the hall, and covered in yellow colour #MadeWithInterreg was very hard to miss. It followed a very original graphic concept of “Interreg works”, made with scaffolds, resulting in a consensual opinion among visitors, and programme professionals, that it visibly stood out, from all other stands being recognised as one of the most remarkable stands, by the organisers. 

All along the week, the project partners of all the 12 programmes animated the stand by coming to interact with the public, bringing objects to demonstrate their activities and results. A special thanks is due to the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Bureau de Bruxelles, who helped taking care of the objects before the exhibition opening.

In the first day, the two Interreg transnational Regiostars Finalists – Climact, from SUDOE, and Danube-Iron-Age opened the meetings and were flooded with visitors. 

The stand featured, in this way, outstanding Interreg transnational projects and displayed how transnational cooperation is a strong arm in EU cohesion policy, by providing tangible benefits on the ground. 24 stories of projects of all these 12 programmes, including two Interreg MED projects, also highlighted their productions at different occasions.

Projects presentations at the Slam