Involving students in a blue growth experiment, a BRIGHT initiative!

Have you ever thought that involving high school graduates in your project activities can benefit your project implementation and can give you a lot of satisfaction in sharing your work and results? 

Citizens’ science has its merits in MAESTRALE project, part of the blue growth thematic community of projects. The team of the Lead partner started this challenging initiative as a mere joke and now is rather amazed by the outcomes this cooperation brings every single day. 

Students from the Professional Technical School Tito Sarrocchi, visited once by the project team simply with the scope to explain what their European territorial cooperation project on blue energies is about to make in the area, turns out into Maestrale’s ambassadors of science, and not only for the town of Siena but in other Mediterranean regions. 

This proactive cooperation undertaken by the project team, led by the Professor Dr. Simone Bastianoni, with the responsible Professor Leonardo Consortini and the director of the technical school Professor Stefano Pacini, involved actively the students in the project’s activities. The teenagers assembled a kite’s prototype that made the evening of 28th September in Siena brighter, showing Maestrale project to the local community and explaining in practice the meaning of blue energy.  

In the first place, each part of the kite’s prototype was carefully designed under the assistance of the responsible professors, then the different pieces constructed and meticulously polished by the involved pupils, precisely assembled, nicely painted and connected with cables to colourful bulbs. 

During the BRIGHT 2018 European Research Night Initiative in Tuscany the prototype was launched in the waters of the fountain Fonte Gaia, Piazza del Campo, and the led lights turned on, driven by the water stream energy produced by the yellow Maestrale prototype, under the eyes of the curious public. 

This seems to be only the starting point of a wonderful journey. The new generation of future scientists participating in the manufacturing of the kite is being overwhelmed by every step undertaken by Maestrale project and is eager to further their innovation experience.

The project team already plans to show them something new and they wanted it to be the “hidden” face of a European project’s implementation, namely the partners’ transnational cooperation and joint forces for the production of the project results. 

The new challenge is set for the coming 18th December and it will be a visit to a high school class in Malaga, co-organised with the Project Partner from the Andalusian Maritime Cluster and an explanation of Maestrale activities and results provided by the Italian high school students to the Spanish youngsters of their age! 

What is Maestrale project about? What blue energy can give to the people and the environment?

Find out on their website!

Europe is effectively supporting innovation in the energy field. MAESTRALE project is a proof that one simple opportunity can make alive and meaningful the technical terms of research work, as well as show the exciting part of the transnational territorial cooperation. This opportunity should be seized and sustained until the end. Waiting for the next BRIGHT idea that will make us all participants!