Marine ecosystems are exposed to the impact of multiple stressors including climate change, pollution, maritime traffic, exploitation of living and non-living resources or invasive species.   Surveillance capabilities to assess and prevent such threats and impacts is a permanent need that SHAREMED strategic project will address.

The project aims to increase the capability of Mediterranean regional, sub regional and local authorities and of research community to jointly assess and address hazards related to pollution and environmental threats in Mediterranean transnational waters.

Environmental threats propagate in space and time easily crossing political boundaries, this is why they call for an immediate transnational effective coordinated response. Such efficiency is only possible if there is an operational network for monitoring system to assess and observe these phenomena.

Cosimo Solidoro, project coordinator from Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica of Italy, predicts that this network will be operational in 20, 50 years .  

With a mixed partnership of different stakeholders (ministries, scientists, regional and local authorities), SHAREMED project is taking a twofold approach: they will first improve observation capabilities (expand from military to new sectors, such as the biological dimension); and then build a common framework i.e. a governance agreement that will allow for prevention, common knowledge and, above all, for swift reaction.

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