Third call for Modular projects

The pre-application phase of the 3rd call for project proposals is now closed. Check below the results list.

For the modular projects proceeding to the full application phase, which will be open from the 2nd of May until the 27th of June for the validation of the application form, and until the 11th of July for the upload of compulsory annexes.

This call is targeted to the Programme priority axes 1 (only sub-objective “Blue Growth”) and 3, and only to the following type of projects: multi-module M2 Testing + M3 Capitalising

Applications will have to be submitted online via the Programme monitoring system, SYNERGIE CTE. The tool being rather complex, we strongly advise to read the user guide.

For further details on the call, please read the official announcement of the call and download the Terms of Reference and pre-application pack here below.

Applicant seminars

An applicant seminar for the pre-application phase took place in Marseilles on Wednesday 28th November. More information and presentations available here: Applicant Seminar - 3rd call.

A new applicant seminar, is taking place on 16th May 2019, in Marseilles, for selected candidates of the pre-application, to provide support for the full application phase.


Pre-application eligibility assessment

Pre-application list of results






Pre-application pack

The pre-application pack contains the following:

  • Associated Partner declaration
  • Partner expression of interest
  • Lead Partner expression of interest
  • Pre-application form template
  • Evaluation and eligibility grids

Pre-application pack (updated on 29/10/2018)

Terms of reference

Axis 1 - Innovation

Blue Growth

Axis 3 - Natural and cultural resources

3.1. Sustainable Tourism (updated on 05/11/2018)

Erratum to 3.1 ToR (27/11/2018)

3.2. Biodiversity Protection