New kids on the block: 25 projects approved in 2019

Seventeen new projects were approved and the eight Horizontal projects upgraded and renewed by the Programme in October 2019 raising to 108 the total number of approved projects in the Interreg MED Programme. Out of the remaining budget there is still room for a last call for projects during 2020.

In its architecture the Programme distinguishes thematic bottom up projects (Horizontal and Modular projects) from governance top down projects (platform and strategic projects). The latter work at policy level, up taking the results and achievements of the first ones, which work close to the ground, organised in eight communities: Social and Creative industries; Blue Growth; Green Growth; Renewable Energies; Urban Transports; Efficient Buildings; Sustainable tourism and Biodiversity protection. 

As regards to thematic projects, the 13 recently approved modular projects join four of these communities, namely: Social and Creative industries; Blue Growth; Sustainable tourism and Biodiversity protection. The financial allocation for these 13 projects amounts to 37,271,673.53 euros including ERDF, IPA and national co-financing.

On the same note, the Programme renewed the 8 Horizontal projects (HP) during a 2nd call. This means that 8 new partnerships take the baton from the 8 previous ones (approved under the 1st Call), in what is called the “2nd generation of Horizontal projects”. The total allocation for this new call for HP is 12,498,985.83 euros, including ERDF, IPA and national co-financing. The Horizontal projects are the operations that coordinate and manage the 8 thematic communities of modular projects. 

As for the top down Governance projects, the innovation in the Programme architecture is the approval of the Strategic projects, under the axis 4 Governance, also last October. The 1st call for Strategic projects involved a total budget of 12,099,774 euros, with an ERDF co-financing of 10,038,936.90 euros. The 4 partnerships include 44 partner organisations from 10 Mediterranean countries. Although being top-down projects they tackle 2 key topics for the area, selected by the Monitoring Committee: Maritime coastal tourism and Maritime surveillance.