Horizontal projects introduce new cooperation models

To create a new cooperation between the various projects”, this is the mission that the Interreg MED Programme began by creating the “Horizontal projects”. The Horizontal projects are the unifying elements of the Modular projects, their objective is to create common communication and capitalisation activities.

This is why a series of events were organised in the different countries belonging to the Programme between March and April. These meetings aimed at stimulating thematic communities, maximising potential of synergies and capitalisation between the Horizontal and Modular projects, in order to improve their efficiency as much as possible.

As confirmed by the Interreg MED Programme, these events had a great impact since gathering a wide range of stakeholders coming from Horizontal and Modular projects, the exchanges were powerful and allowed to identify common transversal thematic. Projects now have all the cards necessaries to improve these collaborations.

These events have been approached with some “community building”, activities with the goal of creating and strengthening the ties between the different partners. They also allow to focus on the thematic aspects that the Programme includes. These activities, such as the “thematic working groups” gave the opportunity to discuss several subjects. Indeed, they brought out synergies and common subjects to all participants, but also questions that different the members of projects could have asked themselves. 

“It's a big challenge but we are sure that this big challenge will lead to great opportunities”

Sergio Ponsá - Project leader SYNGGI

Furthermore, some necessities such as “a common policy for the biodiversity in Mediterranean” as well as the harmonization of different governance models have emerged and deserve to be taken in consideration.

This is the beginning of a new collaboration, which will be developed throughout the duration of the Programme. These events ended on a positive, the goal is now to continue in this direction, especially concerning the common thematics which have been identified.