Lead Partner Seminar of the first calls

The Lead Partner Seminars of the first calls for project proposals took place in Nice, on 8th and 9th November 2016 and in Marseille on 18th January 2017. These events gathered partners of 69 projects, both modular and horizontal.


During the first part of the events, the JS explained how
to implement an Interreg MED project. The eligibility of expenditure,
the financial flow,  the indicator system as well as the communication
rules among others were presented.

For further details, participants have been
invited to read the Programme Manual.

Speakers’ presentations


The second part of the events  was focused on project communication
with the presentation of the Interreg MED web platform and some advice
on how to design a communication strategy. A special emphasis was given
on the quality of content produced by project partners with a small project
story exercise.


Speakers’ presentations and exercise