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As a project partner, can I have access to Synergie CTE?

During the application phase, only Lead Partners have access to the proposal. Access to Synergie CTE and the proposal will be granted to all project partners after its approval.



Category : Programme Synergie CTE access

The associated partners appear in the list of project partners in the application form. Is it registered correctly? Which information should I complete?

The associated partners should be only registered under the B2 section of the application form, not under the B1 section.



Category : Programme Synergie CTE access

A maintenance error appears when I try to enter in Synergie website even if the maintenance break has already finished.

If the maintenance has finished, the problem is that your browser keeps the page as it was before (during the maintenance). To overcome this, you need to clear your browser cache.

Category : Synergie CTE access

If I want to report a problem to the JS, what information should I send?

In order to report a problem related to Synergie to the MED JS, please send an e-mail to programme_med@remove-this.maregionsud.fr indicating in the object of your mail “Synergie”, and including in the text of your message the following information: acronym of the proposal, username of the contact person, ASP number of the organisation concerned. If possible, please include as well a screenshot of the problem or error message concerned.

Category : Synergie CTE access

Can 2 persons work at the same time in a proposal on Synergie?

It is highly recommended to work one person at a time in the same proposal. The system may have problems to save some information if several persons work on it at the same time.

Category : Synergie CTE access

Is it possible to include the travel costs for staff that is not included in the “list of staff working on the project”?

It is possible but in order to justify the expenses it is necessary to prepare a document in which it is clearly described the reason why that resource has travelled / participated in a certain event.



Category : Programme Staff costs (implementation phase)

Can "in-house consultants", if the conditions are met, be reported under staff costs (as "natural persons" can)?

The Programme manual says that costs from in house bodies should be claimed under the external expertise and services budget line. Therefore, costs from in house bodies cannot be reported under staff costs.

Only natural persons working for the beneficiary under a contract other than an employment/work contract (under the condition mentioned in the manual) can be declared under the staff cost line.

Category : Programme Staff costs (implementation phase)

In reference to staff costs, is it mandatory to fill and sign the time sheet monthly or can it be done in the end of each progress report?

The time sheet should be established on a monthly basis. Each timesheet should be signed both by the employee and the project coordinator.
The Interreg MED Programme do not provide any template to be used.



Category : Programme Staff costs (implementation phase)

Do I have to consider the ERDF/IPA reimbursement or co-financing as “net revenues”?

No, ERDF/IPA reimbursement and co-financing are not to be considered as net revenues. Net Revenues are cash in-flows directly paid by users for the goods or services provided by the project, such as payments for services or fees for the participation to an event, from which any operating costs incurred during the corresponding period should be reduced.

For further information regarding net revenues, please refer to Factsheet on Net Revenues in the Programme Manual.

Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)

How should I declare net revenues during project implementation?

Expected net revenues, generated during the project implementation and after completion, are to be indicated in the budget of the Application Form in order to offset the corresponding Union contribution.

In the case of net revenues not foreseen in the Application Form, those have to be reported by concerned partners in each reporting period and checked by the FLC, to be included in a project payment claim submitted to the JS.

For further information regarding net revenues, please consult the dedicated Factsheet in the Programme Manual.

Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)