Is there an eligibility criterion for private partners and international organisations specifying they have to be operational for at least 2 years?

Based on the Factsheet of the Programme Manual “Partnership architecture, requirements and relevance”, the Programme has not set any eligibility criterion regarding the number of years an entity has to be operational prior to its participation in a proposal.

Partnership architecture, requirements and relevance

Category : Programme Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

Is it possible to revise the Partnership between the pre-application phase and the full application phase? 

As a general rule, it is. However, kindly note that the specificities on the changes can be adapted for each call. It is therefore recommended to read carefully the Terms of Reference of each call.



Category : Programme Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

What is the procedure to include associated partners after the start of the project, this is during its implementation? 

To include new associate partners during the implementation of a project, the Lead Partners should  communicate this information to the JS, through the PO in charge of following its project, accompanied by the Associated Partner Declaration signed by the new associated partner.
The modification in Synergie CTE will be carried out taking advantage of any other major modification of the application form.



Category : Programme Eligible partners and areas (application phase)

What does national co-financing mean?

National co-financing means the counterpart of Project Partner participation in the project by its own budget or any other source of financing. It can be 15% or 50% depending on the co-financing rate granted.
It is called national since it comes from the country the Project Partner is located.  Only in the case of Italy and Greece a national system covering it exits.
For further information, kindly contact your NCP.



Category : Programme Budget construction (application phase)

Is there any pre-financing?

There is no pre-financing from the Programme to ERDF partners. Nevertheless, it exists for IPA partners.
Partners may contact their NCPs whether to enquire there are arrangements in their country.  



Category : Programme Budget construction (application phase)

What dates should we indicate in WP0 preparations costs in the application form? Should we include a description of the WP and the activity description?

You should indicate both as starting date and as ending date the starting date of the project that is written in the Terms of Reference of the call. You should not put a description of the WP nor the activity for the preparation costs.
For further information, kindly check the Guide of use of Synergie CTE during the Application Phase.

Synergie Guides

Category : Programme Budget construction (application phase)

How are project costs claimed?

To be claimed, costs have to be verified by a qualified controller according to the First Level Control system established on a national level.
This controller may be centralised, in the case a national controller verifies expenditure of all partners, or a decentralised. In this last case, each partner may select its own controller  who should be validated by the respective participating State at the beginning of the project.



Category : Programme Budget construction (application phase)

What is being referred to by the decommitment rule?

The Programme has to reach performance and financial targets as agreed at the beginning of the Programme.  If the financial targets, which are calculated on a yearly basis, are not met, the difference in the amount has to be forfeited. 

Should this loss of funds (ERDF and/or IPA) result from projects lagging behind their payment targets based on the spending forecast included in the Subsidy Contract signed between the Lead Partner and the Managing Authority, the Programme might have to reduce contribution to these projects.

For further information, check the Factsheet of the Programme Manual “De-commitment”.



Category : Programme Budget construction (application phase)

What does “net revenues” mean?

Net Revenues are cash in-flows directly paid by users for the goods or services provided by the project, such as payments for services or fees for the participation to an event, from which any operating costs incurred during the corresponding period should be reduced.

For further information regarding net revenues, please consult the dedicated Factsheet in the Programme Manual.



Category : Programme Budget construction (application phase)

Can an amount that has been previously rejected by the FLC be resubmitted later on when the problem is solved? 

If an expenditure is rejected by a FLC, the partner can claim it again by entering the expenditure again in Synergie CTE.



Category : Programme Budget management (implementation phase)