Organising sustainable events

Walk the Talk of Sustainability !

The Interreg MED Programme and its 8 thematic Communities have come to the conclusion that cooperating oftentimes means seeing each other, and thus, that making sure our events were as sustainable as possible was a priority. 

The Biodiversity Protection and Green Growth communities have taken the lead on this initiative and have created guidelines on how to walk the talk of sustainability. 

We have been very inspired by the work of our thematic communities for the MADE in MED event, and we have done everything in our power to respect the environnement, from the venue, to the catering and goodies. 

We would like to share these guidelines with you, hoping that the Mediterranean regions will benefit from them ! 

Checklist for sustainable events

This checklist intends to be a practical tool to have next to you when organising a meeting in order to make sure you address the 10 minimum requirements for greener events:

  1. Have you requested your catering service to avoid single use items? 
  2. Have you requested your catering service to serve local food and seasonal fruit and vegetables, and to avoid endangered fish species?
  3. Have you avoided bottled water and plastic glasses for the meetings or when not possible, are you using large size bottles and compostable or recyclable glasses?
  4. Have you agreed with your printer to use certified/recycled/chlorine-free paper?
  5. Have you devoted a critical thought to the documents that need or do not need to be disseminated as hard copy?
  6. Have you chosen a venue that offres free Wi-Fi access to allow the participants' access to electronic support documents necessary for the conference ? 
  7. Are you providing reusable or recyclable identification badges?
  8. Are you avoiding unnecessary goodies? 
  9. Have you looked at meeting venues offered by project partners and near public transport ?
  10. Have you provided information on how to reach the venue by public transport?
  11. Have you informed the participants about the green aspect of your event? E.g. through a paragraph in the invitation


These short guidelines contain everything you need to think about in order to organise an event that will respect the planet ! 

Enriched with the suggestions of most of our communities and with outside links, this document is necessary in the organisation of a sustainable event.

Take a look at the guidelines !