We are MED

Wednesday 17th May 2017 - Museo de la Universidad de Alicante

On 17th May in Alicante, the Interreg MED Programme organised a community building event entitled "We are MED - Going beyond thematic communities". The event was the occasion to work together on a common work methodology and last but not least build a strong Interreg MED community.


The eight Interreg MED thematic communities of projects have started working with their related modular projects, following the approval of the first projects in 2016. 

However, in addition to the activities carried out within each thematic community, it is most important to induce synergies and transversal debates between them, right from the start by creating a joint work dynamic and a sense of belonging to the Interreg MED community of stakeholders. 

In this regard, in the morning, project partners participated in team building activities while in the afternoon on the occasion of a World Café session, they could discuss about a work methodlogy between Horizontal and Modular projects as well as communicaiton and capitalisation issues.

This fruitful interaction aimed at improving the transfer of results and at preparing the capitalisation process to be highlighted later during the mid term Transnational event in April 2018.

This event was therefore the best occasion to start building the basis for this joint process and to identify transversal themes in addition to bringing together projects from different thematics.


  • Creating a work dynamic between all thematic communities and finding a common work methodology;
  • Fostering a team spirit;
  • Enhancing the capitalisation process of the upcoming May 2018 mid term transnational event;
  • Presenting and sharing plans and ideas;
  • Pointing out potential problems, solutions and good practices.