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Every year, on May 9, peace and unity in Europe are celebrated for Europe Day. The 1950 Schuman declaration paved the way to a political cooperation in Europe which ultimate goal was to prevent its countries to ever go to war again.

The European Coal and Steel Community, created the following year, laid out a plan to pool the coal and steel of its members in a common market. It was the early days of today’s European Union.

Before Covid-19, the EU institutions celebrated this day by opening their doors to the public and organising all kind of activities to show the range of actions led by the EU. This year, the anniversary will allow citizens to participate in virtual events and activities safely from home. A virtual visit of the European Commission will be the occasion to learn more about EU in a fun way by playing games and watching short videos from all over Europe. 

In France, the « pretty month of Europe » will celebrate Europe throughout May with activities all over the country with exhibitions, games, workshops and conferences. 

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