Forum of the Mediterranean Worlds

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The Interreg MED Programme will be present on 8 February 2022 at the Mediterranean Worlds Forum on 7 and 8 February 2022, initiated by the President of the French Republic, Mr Emmanuel Macron.

This forum, envisaged as a follow-up to the commitments made at the 2019 Summit of the Two Shores, will gather various actors in the Mediterranean basin who will present concrete solutions to the challenges of the territory covered by the Interreg MED programme. 

Six themes will be considered: Environment and biodiversity, Inclusion and solidarities, Territorial action and sustainable development, Culture and heritage, Education, formation and mobilities, Employment, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the framework of the theme ‘Environment and biodiversity’, the Interreg MED Programme will contribute to the workshop ‘Youth and sustainable tourism to safeguard the Mediterranean’. This workshop, organised by ‘Plan Bleu’, aims to present solutions deployed by different actors, including Interreg MED, in order to protect the Mediterranean. The different speakers will be : Giulia David (AVITeM), Anne-France Didier (Défismed), Abdelhamid Khaldi (AIFM – INRGREF), Ermete Mariani (Union des Universités de la Méditerranée, UNIMED) and Arnau Teixidor Costa (IUCN Med).

The Mediterranean basin, which is the World’s leading touristic destination, face many pressures from mass tourism. It is therefore essential to develop tools and solutions for preserving the natural and cultural treasure that the territory of Interreg Med programme represents.