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2nd UfM Stakeholders Conference on Blue Economy will be held in Barcelona on March 10-11th 2020

The Conference, organised by the CoPresidency and Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) aims to consolidate a Mediterranean community of the blue economy by working on sustainable development solutions for the region.  

Its last edition, which took place in Naples in 2017, highlighted the major role of the blue economy in sustainable development, job creation and investment. Indeed, within the European Union alone, the blue economy could create two million jobs by 2020, and many more throughout the region. 

This new edition offers to participants the possibility of addressing the priority themes of the common post-2020 Blue Economy agenda, to exchange experiences on common areas of work, to take stock of the progress of the activities at regional level and to maintain a high participatory approach to ensure stakeholders’ involvement in pulling together capacities, mandates and resources. The conference will be structured around thematic workshops/sessions that will take place in parallel.  The WestMED Hackathons, which aim to facilitate the exchange of project ideas and their development, will be organised as a follow-up to the conference. 

This conference is a key step on the way to the 2020 UfM Ministerial Conference on Blue Economy, scheduled for the 2nd July in Malta.  

If you want to be part of it, please check the Mediterranean Blue Economy Stakeholder Platform as well as UfM’s website.