POSTPONED - European Maritime Day: EU policy and Green Deal in the spotlight

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What is the future of our oceans and seas? You could discover that by attending the European Maritime Day 2020, in Cork (Ireland) the next May 14 and 15.

UPDATED ON APRIL 15, 2020: European Maritime Days, previously planned for 14-15 May 2020 (Cork, Ireland), is postponed to an unknown date. European events and activities are being reorganised following health safety measures to stop Covid-19 from spreading. The EMD Team is «currently looking into possible alternative dates later in the year».


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The European Maritime Day (EMD) 2020 will focus on how the European maritime policy should be part of the Green Deal for the next decades. Virginijus Sinkevičius, the European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, will take part in the opening session.

The 5 European Union policy sessions will focus on strategic initiatives such as sustainable blue economy, EU ocean mission, decarbonisation, marine ecosystems and pollution, ports as blue economy accelerators.

Organized by maritime stakeholders, 20 thematic workshops will be held on the topics of ocean energy, bioeconomy, maritime spatial planning, sea basin cooperations and much more.

The European Maritime Day 2020 will be celebrated together with ‘Our Ocean Wealth’ (OOW), Ireland’s flagship annual event for the marine sector, and will run with ‘SeaFest’, Ireland’s largest family-friendly marine festival, expecting up to 100,000 visitors.

Register now to participate at EMD 2020! The registration will close on May 10, 17.00 Brussels time.

Check out the full provisional program.