1st call for modular projects: 108 projects selected for 2nd step

On 5th April 2016 in Zagreb, the Interreg MED Programme Steering Committee in agreement with the Monitoring Committee selected 108 projects out of 225 for the second step of assessment for final selection (please check the list below).

Due to the technical dysfunctions occurred during the submission of applications when entering information in the work plan section in Synergie CTE, the Steering Committee decided to give the possibility to Lead Partners to reopen a part of the application form in order to correct or complete information related to the Work Plan if necessary, and only.

The reopening phase will last from 27th April, 15.00 GMT+1 to 11th May 2016, 15.00 GMT+1.

Applicants willing to reopen their application form to change their work plan should send their request by email to the Joint Secretariat at programme_med@remove-this.regionpaca.fr from 20th April to 4th May 2016.

The Lead Partners of selected projects will receive an email with the notification letter, the 1st phase assessment form, the re-opening procedure as well as their full application form for information by the end of the week.

All projects will have access to the 1st phase assessment form in the “Contractual Documents” section in Synergie CTE by next week, whereas the Notification letter will be sent by post. A Synergie Guide is available for the reopening procedure for all project partners.

NOTE: Please note that if your project has been included in the applications group subject to corrections, requested by the Monitoring Committee, your project was labelled as a “corrected” project. The eligibility results of these projects will be sent beginning of May and the first step of qualitative assessment will then start. Corrected projects will be notified about the results of the first step of assessment in late 2016.

Partners from these projects should contact their Lead Partner to know wether their project belongs to that group.