First call for modular projects: notification of eligibility

The Interreg MED Programme Monitoring Committee has taken a Decision, on February 9th, regarding the eligibility of the proposals in the First Call for Modular Projects.

In the first call, a group of projects were considered eligible and another group ineligible, and the latter ones are subject to introduce corrections in their applications.

All Lead Partners of both groups will be notified of this decision on February 16th. The notification will be available as well on Synergie CTE – section “contractual documents”.

Eligible project proposals will enter the first stage of qualitative assessment. The selection regarding this phase will take place in April 2016, during the Steering Committee meeting. The results will be communicated afterwards.

For ineligible project proposals, the Monitoring Committee of the Interreg MED Programme has decided to open the possibility to correct formal errors.

After receiving the notification, these projects are invited within 7 days (until the 23rd of February, at midnight, 00:00 GMT+1) to submit corrections to the previously notified errors to the Joint Secretariat by e-mail address:

After the correction phase, a new administrative and eligibility check based on the same criteria as those validated and published in the framework of the first call for modular projects will be performed, and a complementary decision on eligibility will be made by the Interreg MED Steering Committee regarding these corrected proposals.


  • The LP has to send all the corrections;
  • All corrections should be sent in one e-mail; PDF and MS Word documents should be sent attached to the e-mail;
  • All new documents can be signed with the notification period’s dates and, in any case whatsoever, after the 23rd February;
  • The title of the e-mail should be: ACRONYM_ID NUMBER_1st CALL_CORRECTIONS;
  • A second decision regarding the eligibility of the proposals will be taken in April 2016.


Notified ineligible projects are kindly requested not to send any other pieces of information in addition to those requested to correct the reason for ineligibility. Any unsolicited additional information will not be considered.


  • Confirmation page of the Application Form missing or unduly submitted:

Download the PDF version of the Application Form from Synergie CTE, print the last page with the note “submitted”, fill in the information requested (name, place, date), sign and stamp it. Send the scanned document via e-mail;

  • Partner’s declaration missing, unduly submitted or w containing mistakes (amount, signature, missing stamp missing, etc.):

The Lead partner requests the partner concerned the document duly filled in, signed and stamped. The Lead partner re-checks the former error in order to be sure that it has been solved before sending the revision. The scanned document is to be sent via e-mail.

  • Section(s) of the Application Form missing:

Use the courtesy Application Form (MS Word format) available on the website to fill in the missing sections. Send an MS Word document containing all the missing information. Kindly note that there is a limited number of characters in each section.

  • Budget section of the  Application Form missing:

Use the courtesy Application Form (MS Word format) available on the website and fill in section D with the missing information. Send an MS Word document with the concerned sections. Kindly note that this information must be coherent with the partner’s declarations already submitted before.