Interreg Policy Campaign

Interreg Green Deal and Recovery special: A joint article series by Interreg transnational cooperation programmes to unravel the knots of EU policies and projects.

A mother is smiling because her son has decided not to drop school thanks to his trainers' support in the Mediterranean coast of Sicily. In the meantime, commuters of the Franco - German border are enjoying their new sustainable transport systems that allows a faster and more comfortable trip to the office, while farmers in the County Donegal in Ireland are being trained to use their brand-new drones to monitor their fields. What do these people all have in common ? they are benefitting from EU transnational cooperation projects but they are unaware about it. 

These examples show how important it is to raise awareness about European territorial cooperation projects, and how Interreg Programmes connect different, sometimes distant regions to find solutions to common challenges together. This is why the Interreg Policy campaign, a joint article series from different Interreg programmes, was born. 

The main reason behind is that while citizens perceive the benefits of the European territorial cooperation projects, there is a general lack of awareness of who is holding the reins and how it works, causing insufficient citizen engagement in cooperation. In this context, Interreg is at the forefront in pushing forward cooperation across borders through financing projects in line with the EU Agenda. In order to explain and give consistency to the projects’ actions, the Interreg Policy campaign initiative not only clarifies the projects’ ideas and objectives but also provides valuable information on their impact and results.

To raise awareness on the brilliant results of Interreg projects, the Interreg MED Joint Secretariat is happy to participate in the Interreg Policy Campaign initiative, a joint article series demonstrating how the Interreg projects of transnational cooperation are addressing the European agenda, trying to solve the pressing challenges across European regions. Also, it is an opportunity to shed the light on the many European Green Deal policies that are crucial to take action and bounce-back from the pandemic.

The aim of this campaign is to show the potentiality to grow and innovate by participating in transnational cooperation projects, thus to reach as many interested stakeholders as possible, because only together we can go further!

Stay tuned!

The Interreg Joint Secretariat recognises the importance of sharing knowledge to inspire and build capacity when it comes to regional growth. In line with our thematic communities, we will participate in 3 articles in the forthcoming months, covering specific areas of the Green Deal, in collaboration with Interreg ADRION programme, Interreg Danube Transnational programme, and the Interreg Northern Periphery and Artic programme.

It will be an opportunity to know regional experiences and achievements in sustainable mobility, green transition, and actions against the climate impact and much more! Are you curious to know the successful projects shared so far? Have a look at the Interreg Highlights webpage!