Launch of the REGIOSTARS Awards 2021

The yearly competition organised by DG REGIO has become the Europe’s label of excellence for EU-funded projects.

The REGIOSTARS Awards provide a platform for promoting innovative and inclusive approaches to regional development and the Commission is now encouraging evermore-impactful projects to submit their applications for its 14th edition.

Projects compete in five categories:

Smart Europe - "Increasing the competitiveness of local businesses in a digital world"

Green Europe - "Green and resilient communities in urban and rural setting"

Fair Europe - "Fostering inclusion and anti-discrimination"

Urban Europe - "Promoting green, sustainable and circular food systems in functional urban areas"

And the topic of the year; the European year of rail 2021 - "enhancing green mobility in the regions".


The submission platform is now online until the 9th of May 2021. However, in a first step, the Interreg MED Programme is open to receive expressions of interest. Usually, there is a letter of recommendation from the Programme to each application and there is a limit of 5 applications per Programme. Depending on the number of potential interested projects, we might undergo a selection, or if the applications lack the required high standards, we might not endorse them.  

Kindly note that this competition gathers the best projects in all of Europe, and the quality has to meet top-level criteria. Please be very mindful of this aspect and read carefully the application guide.

So, please notify us if you are interested in applying for the awards specifying the category by the 15th of March.

Thank you


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