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The Programme deliverable library collects the main products developed by our projects such as methodologies, studies, guidelines, online tools, strategies, training materials and much more.

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Learn about the solutions designed by our projects, their activities, their results and achievements but also their difficulties. Each month, we publish articles about a project and its community ("focus", "in the spotlighlt").

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Focus on... Urban Transports

Deliverable of the month

Implemented within the Social and Creative horizontal project, the Semantic Framework Platform extracts knowledge from documents and gives to different stakeholders and policy makers an unexpected view of the programme results in order to foster collaboration and innovation. Click here for more information and on the photo to access the tool!

Video of the month

Have a look at this 20-mn docu-film "Mediterranean Innovation Tales" which covers all projects within the Social and Creative community and hear directly from the partners involved in pushing creativity to develop political strategies in the Mediterranean area.

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