PANORAMED 2022 MED Positioning Paper



The present report identifies the main enabling factors and barriers to the establishment of the Mediterranean Cooperation Governance System (MCGS); the main achievements towards this direction in the framework of PANORAMED and beyond; the views of different stakeholders active in the cooperation in the area and the capacities of actors to strengthen the cooperation in the area further. The analysis focuses on the cooperation among actors as a prerequisite for an effective governance system and thus, it furtherly explores the potential role of the Interreg MED programme as an enabler of the improvement of the governance system. Finally, the present report provides recommendations for the consolidation and monitoring of the new governance system so as to track the progress made with regards to cooperation governance in the region.



  • Governance, partnership

Target Audience

  • Local public authority
  • Regional public authority
  • National public authority
  • International Organisation, EEIG

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